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The meaning behind Soul Essence...

Two of my favorite words. SOUL. ESSENCE.

To me, our SOUL is who we are at our core. If we eliminate the material aspects of this life, discard the ever-changing opinions of the world around us, and remove the expectations of others and ourselves, our soul will still exist. It is raw, it is unfiltered, it is genuine, it is deep.

To me, the ESSENCE of anything is its truest and most natural form. It has the potential to bring forth its absolute best. It perseveres, no matter the circumstances. It exists without boundaries, it liberates, it embraces, it is limitless potential.

As humans, our SOUL ESSENCE is our quintessential core being. We all have unique talents, gifts, and interests that define us at our core. It's who we are in our most interesting, most unique, and most vulnerable form. It's what inspires us, what motivates us, what we're passionate about. It's what makes me, ME and you, YOU. It can define us and be expressed in infinite ways.

With lots of encouragement and support from friends and family, I decided to finally take on the blog world. The variety of subjects and interests in this blog provide a sampling of my soul essence. I hope you find something here that speaks to your soul essence to spark the creativity, talent, and uniqueness that resides in you.

Enjoy the variety. It's the spice of life after all. :)

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This lifestyle blog is a sampling of my many passions and interests that are a reflection of my soul essence.
There's something for everyone here to inspire and channel their inner soul essence.
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