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Whole30 Challenge: Day 28 (Hubby "Takeover Tuesday")

Tues, March 28th


If you haven't already read my disclaimer, please click the link HERE from Day 1 of our challenge. As with any lifestyle or dietary change, if you have any questions or concerns, be sure to discuss them with your physician. Also check out the Whole30 website for specifics and additional info.


I cannot let my wife have all the fun on her blog, and since our Whole30 experience has been a joint effort for us, I wanted to have a day to take over her blog. Be forewarned that my wife is much wittier and a lot more creative than I am which is one of the many reasons I married her. That being said, she has taught me a few valuable blogging lessons as I have read hers nightly before we go to bed.

I have learned that taking the perfect picture is all about the angle, lighting, variety of color, plate selection, and the use of a great camera. Her Canon 5d is a little fancy for me, therefor I am choosing to shoot with my iPhone 6s (the quality is close enough, right?) As for the plate selection, she is going to get a laugh out of the fact I brought out my old black, boring plates that I have in a bin to sale/donate. Yes, before we got married I had the true bachelor pad with black dishes, black leather couches, black bedroom set, basically everything black, all of which have been “upgraded” to much better and more colorful things. In my mind, when you only have one color to decorate with, you can't go wrong. With that being said, you know I have to have a little fun with her today since I am not sure when my next blogging opportunity will occur.


My wife has learned that I fall asleep faster than anyone and I love my sleep. Therefore in the morning I hit the snooze button right up until the point I know I absolutely have to get up. I’m typically up early and running out the door, so breakfast for me would normally consist of anything I could eat on the way driving into work. Whole30 meals meant hardboiled eggs, lots of fruit, and nuts. I learned to start keeping a cooler in the car because, like my wife, I love to snack. Every now and then though, I get a morning free so she could expect the usual eggs cooked some way.

This morning was one of those mornings, so scrambled eggs it is with a splash of color (another lesson I learned). I went for the variety of peppers, with onions and tomatoes. On a side note, I love our Cuisinart food processor, but after giving it a shot on the first green pepper, I decided to hand chop the rest of them. Can we say I made baby food out of that pepper since I did not watch it closely…lesson learned.

My wife also taught me that when you photograph your meals, sometimes a garnish is used to help it out. She many times refers to it as a small tree, and I always laugh when I read it so as you can tell below, this was my version of a “small tree”.

Taste Test: Breakfast was a success as we ate on the porch since it was a nice morning out. She definitely appreciated the comic relief of the “small tree” and the black plate. Oh and I think I surprised her a little with how good it tasted. Round 1 complete!


The downside to my job is I never know what my schedule will look like until the day of, and even then it can change in an instant. That was the case today as what seemed to be a light day turned into another busy one. I hated calling her to let her know I would be cooking dinner tonight, but lunch was not happening. Don’t worry though, I am fully prepared to wow her with dinner, and I promised her it would not be the barbeque chicken that I mastered during my bachelor days.


When I finally left work I found myself making one last stop to the store to pick up a few things for dinner. Tonight I will be grilling filets and zucchini, and for appetizers it was asparagus in bacon. Come on, it is my night to cook, so there had to be multiple types of meat involved. I will say that this whole multitasking thing can be a little difficult. I have never been one to follow any recipes and this was no exception. I rubbed the steak with our favorite Everyday Spice Blend, and for the zucchini, I brushed olive oil on both sides and added sea salt and pepper. Let’s just say that I am usually on point when it comes to steaks, but was off my game as my attention turned to the asparagus wrapped in bacon since this was something new I was wanting to try. The bacon had the Whole30 label, otherwise I would have never known which one to get...I know you were wondering if I was complying within the rules.

I am a medium rare kind of guy and I may or may not have gotten distracted and made the cardinal sin of overcooking the filets… or should I say beef jerky at this point. I would like you to know that the zucchini and bacon wrapped asparagus were delicious though and even won my wife’s approval.

Even Emeril messes up every now and then…too bad this may be my only chance on here. I did bring out the black plates again for dinner, and the “small tree” was merely for decoration. If anyone is interested in this dinnerware collection, come on down for a free front-porch-pickup. But by the time you read this, they may be gone since they are such a hot commodity and all...

Thank you to my incredible and amazing wife for letting me takeover today, but I know everyone is excited to have her back for the last stretch of our Whole30 challenge. One thing I have loved about this time has been a chance to make dinner together every night and something I challenge other couples to do to break up the usual mundane monotony.

PS In case you were wondering, I even cleaned the dishes tonight…remember this was Takeover Tuesday not Trade-off-Tuesday!

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