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Newlywed Home Tour: Not Your Typical Office

We transformed an extra room from an ordinary office space into a relaxing retreat by keeping the overall feel uplifting and light with a variety of faux flowers and greenery in various textured vases along with rustic picture frames, natural accents, and window panes to finish off the look. The window frames were a random find which I touched up with a little sanding and wood filler, then repainted cream.

Future Projects: I am still planning on either making or finding a cute, rustic sign with a meaningful scripture verse or saying to hang above the window frames. I'm also still on the search for just the right chair, but for now, this will do. :)

Desk: Pottery Barn

Faux Greenery: Hobby Lobby & Michaels

Frames: HomeGoods

Vases: HomeGoods & Michaels

Chair: HomeGoods

Watering Can: Michaels

Greenery in Watering Can: Marshall's

Juliette (cream dresser below) finally has a home now too, thanks to her recent makeover. She prefers the office much more than the stinky garage, pre-furniture makeover. To see her "before", click the link Furniture Makeovers.

tray: HomeGoods

glass bottles: Michaels

Frames: HomeGoods

I also repurposed one of my hubs old paintings that was in the donate pile to make an inspirational/memory board for the office (below). Click the Home Projects page link to see the transformation and steps on creating one for yourself!

One of my favorite serendipitous finds was this little saying (below). When I was originally looking for rustic frames for the office, I found two that fit the theme I was going for. As I was inserting a picture into one of the frames, I noticed the background saying that came with the frame was pretty darn perfect for my life and current place in time. Apparently it was meant to be. I knew I had to display this saying as a sweet reminder of my new venture and stage in life. Since I didn't want it to say the brand and "8x10" on it, I cropped it and went on a hunt for a square frame that would fit this little saying. After finding the perfect rustic frame at Michaels, I knew this little apropos saying would be a staple in my office setting.

Frame: Michaels

Saying: HomeGoods

Thanks for checking out my office space! Check out more home decor ideas and design inspiration with a room-by-room tour in the Home Makeover section, learn how to redo and repurpose furniture on the Furniture Makeover page, or check out easy home project ideas and updates on the Home Projects page!


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