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Newlywed Home Tour: Other Home Decor

To finish off our home tour, here are a few other projects and decor from around the home.


This entrance hallway was the perfect spot for an inviting wreath hung on a vintage window frame. we added one more personal touch with a sign from one of our favorite cities which was also the city where we were married.

Wreath: HomeGoods

Sign: Charleston Market

Window Frame: Random Find

Planted Flower Pots

I also tried my hand out at being a green thumb... After doing a little research, I discovered that you can easily create a flower pot with 3 basic plant types: a spiker (tall plant), filler (medium sized plant that fills out the area), and a spiller (plant that will overflow off the edge and grow downwards - many types of ivy plants). After walking around Home Depot for probably way too long (a thunderstorm came and left and I was still meandering...), I settled for the following plants:

  • Spiker: Bearded Iris

  • Filler: Dusty Miller ear & White Petunia

  • Spiller: English ivy

I created two pots (one for each side of the front door). When selecting plants, you'll want to pay attention to how much sunlight each plant needs and plan accordingly when selecting their locations. Not knowing how much sunlight actually hit our front porch, I took a bit of a wild guess.

I'm still no green thumb, but I'd like to report that 2 weeks later, they are still alive and flourishing and the even have some beautiful iris blooms.

I also made a few pots for our screened-in porch area, which are also still alive and well.

  • Spiker: Salvia Marcus

  • Filler: Dusty Miller, & White Petunia

  • Spiller: English ivy

Planters: HomeGoods

Flowers: Home Depot

Thanks for reading! Check back for MORE Home Decor & Projects, coming soon!

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