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Garland 101


Garland is an easy way to dress up a staircase, entryway, adorn a front porch, or frame a room. It can make an area feel warm, festive, and cozy. I created a few different eucalyptus garlands this year as well as used traditional pine garland as well. I also cut off leaves from the garlands to decorate in various places throughout our home.


I have to admit, this eucalyptus garland was the bane of my existence... Lesson learned, wrapping a 60ft light strand around said garland is a two-person job. I made the mistake of thinking I could accomplish this task solo in record time... Not so much. The first garland attempt was created by yours truly in a turtle-pace like fashion... 3 hours later, the job was done. Second time around with hubs' help, the garland was complete in a mere 15 minutes. Learn from me, don't make this mistake. It does frame the tree well though, so I guess my hardwork paid off.

I actually combined two different kinds of eucalyptus garlands to give it a unique look (a softer velvety type of garland and a darker green garland). The different shapes and colors added dimension to the overall garland and helped to fill it out as well. I used small green wire to wrap the two strands together. I then wrapped the lights around the strand 3-4 times while trying to disguise the wires. I finished by using my handy-dandy hot glue gun to glue in some additional leaves to fill in the sparse areas (and to hide any cords). I bought an extra strand of each garland for this purpose.

That's a wrap (for the garland tutorial at least)...

Eucalyptus Garlands: Hobby Lobby

Lights: Who knows...these are at least 10 years old...

"Noel" Sign: Hobby Lobby


Since I loved the eucalyptus garland I made so much, I decided to try round 2, this time with hubs help. Together we made another lighted eucalyptus strand garland to frame our doorway on our front porch. I think it served its purpose of framing the door and tying it all together.

That is legit North Carolina snow folks. For all of 2-3 days. :)

Click the link to see more of our Front Porch decor.

Eucalyptus Garland: Custom Made by Me (with Lights and 2 different Eucalyptus Strands from Hobby Lobby)

Wreath: Custom Made by Me

Lanterns: Pottery Barn

Ornament Balls: Michaels & Hobby Lobby

Pine Cones: Hobby Lobby

Trees: Michaels

"Joy" Wooden Accent: Hobby Lobby

Ribbon: Michaels

Pine Branches: Michaels

Vintage Chair: Barn Sale

Pillow: Hobby LobbyCustom Made by Me


Eucalyptus garland came to the rescue once again! This garland was the perfect addition to this cute Christmas display.

You just can't go wrong (or have too much garland)!

I also used the garland in the below wreath as well as used the leaves as fillers for the Hot Cocoa Bar. Click the link to learn how to easily setup your own Hot Cocoa Bar without breaking the bank!


Since this is a rental home, we have limited options for hubs' TV location. The "TV above the fireplace" kind of threw off my original game plan and the Christmas fireplace vibe I was going for, but nonetheless, I was able to make it work...the best I could...

For the fireplace, I kept it traditional with lighted garland adorned with silver and champagne accents, glass beaded stems, silver pinecones, and champagne bows. The stockings were hung with care...not really...more like dangling from some garland for now until I find some proper hooks.

To hide the cable box (or whatever that large black box is under the TV), I scattered eucalyptus garland, pine branches, and pinecones in and around a wooden basket to mask the ugly box and eyesore cords the best I could.

A fireplace is not a fireplace without a fire... This cozy view is just waiting for some hot cocoa, comfy blanket, and a good book... See Hot Cocoa Bar for even more inspiration. Check out my Fireplace Tutorial to learn more as well!

I also added one last wintry touch by adding some more eucalyptus garland, pine branches, and pinecones to the mirrored tray on the ottoman to keep it simple yet seasonally appropriate.

Garland: no clue (This is a cherished hand-Me-Down from Mom) :)

STOCKINGS: Pottery Barn


PINECONEs: Hobby Lobby (Glitter Accents Compliments of My Craft Storage)

Glass Accent Beads: Hobby Lobby

Bows: Custom Made by Yours Truly (Ribbon from JoAnn Fabric)

Eucalyptus Garland: Hobby Lobby Pine Branches: Michaels

OTTOMAN: Haverty's Furniture Store

Rug: Haverty's Furniture Store

Silver Tray: HomeGoods

Candlesticks & Candles: HomeGoods

Faux Plant: HomeGoods

Geometric Star: HomeGoods

Picture Frame: HomeGoods

Fire: Compliments of Singed-Hair Hubby Hub-A-Lot


Again, since this is a rental home, we have to work with what we have. Depending on where we are next year, I'll likely create a more rustic farmhouse type of look with eucalyptus garland and lanterns. This year though, I opted to utilize some of the extra pre-lit garland I had (from years back).

I wrapped the garland around the staircase railing and draped it with ribbon. I then added small gold balls and glittered pinecones. An extra large bow filled in the gap on the railing.

I added the J-O-Y letters from Hobby Lobby to add an idyllic touch.

Lighted Garland: 15+ Years Old (From My Lovely Mother)

Ribbon: Michaels

Glittered Pinecones: Self-Made

Glittered Gold Balls: Hobby Lobby

Glass Beaded Stems: Hobby Lobby

Faux Pinecone Branches: Michaels

J-O-Y Letters: Hobby Lobby

Wreath: Self-Made but Original Plain Wreath from Hobby Lobby

Battery-Operated Lights: TJ Maxx

Noel Mirror: Marshall's.

Mercury Glass Ball Lighted Strand: HomeGoods

Mercury Glass Ornaments: Hobby Lobby

Check out my Christmas Decorating page for other ideas and "how-to's", including easy, step-by-step guides on wreath making, floral arrangement creating, chandelier decorating, garland making, and more!

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