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Chandelier Decorating 101

If you've always wanted to create a festive chandelier wreath but didn't know where to start, you've come to the right spot! I'll break it down in easy steps with this Chandelier Decorating tutorial and provide two different examples.

Before I get started on the chandelier tutorial, I'll give you a quick sneak peek of our Dining Room decorated for Christmas. To see more and learn where to buy and/or how create your own winter scene, just click the Dining Room link.

DINING ROOM (Sneak Peek):

This winter scene collection has followed me through a few moves now. Every move, it finds a new home in which its displayed.


I created the chandelier wreath by combining various champagne garlands and rustic stems along with glittered pinecones and pearl accents.

To recreate this look... I started with this chandelier.

I basically found this plain champagne garland wreath from Marshall's. You can use either a garland and just wrap it around the chandelier (as shown in our kitchen chandelier below), or buy a wreath to begin.

I then cut an opening in the wreath with a wire clippers so I could place it around the chandelier.

I anchored the wreath around the chandelier and used some floral wire to secure it closed. This served as my base.

I then securely inserted various stems into the wreath to incorporate the champagne, seafoam, silver and rustic color theme. I basically used extra of what I had laying around the house.

I then added a few glittered pinecones (which I made a few years back). I basically spray painted the pinecones with Rustoleum Metallic Satin Nickel spray paint. After they were dry, I sprayed them with spray glue adhesive and then sprinkled silver glitter on them and then rolled the edges in a contrasting champagne glitter to add some depth.

The chandelier wreath was complete with pearl accents from Hobby Lobby. Sometimes it takes a little adjusting to get just the right look. Easy peasy. Enjoy creating one for your home now!


For this kitchen light fixture, I started with about 12ft of frosted garland with fake snow which I found at HomeGoods for about $14.

I wrapped it around the light fixture about 3 times. I then inserted pearl accent stems from Hobby Lobby (which were around $.79 each).

Wanting to incorporate some of the rustic pinecones I had in the adjacent room, I clipped a few of the branches into smaller pieces and inserted them into the garland.

I then added small gold glittered ball ornaments to integrate the champagne gold I had in the room.

To complete the look, I added a few silver and gold ornaments along with a few darker pine branches to tie in all the colors of my other Christmas decor as well as add dimension to the overall wreath.

Thanks for checking out this tutorial! Check out my Christmas Decorating page for other ideas and additional "how-to's" including a wreath tutorial to create your own unique wreath to hang on your door or display anywhere in your home!

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