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Letter to Our Future Child - From Dad

January 6, 2018

This morning I found out that I was going to be a dad! Let that just sink in for a minute. I’m going to be a DAD!!! Yes, I’m running around a little bit too excited and still nervous on how to react. To even try to put down into words the things running through my mind is hard to do, but I will give it my best shot. This is a day that I have looked forward to for years and a day that I will never forget.

I’ve been praying for you for quite awhile now and been patient, trusting God’s ultimate timing. By the time you read this, I have no clue where you will be in life or what exciting challenges you will be facing. I want you to know that you have been on my mind and in my prayers long before you came into this world. Your mother and I have been praying constantly for you and asking that God will use us to help guide and nurture you in this life. There is no way we will get everything right, but I promise you, we will always work to be the best parents we can be. There will be plenty of challenges along the way, and I’m sure plenty of disagreements; however, that will NEVER change how much your mother and I love you.

We are looking forward to meeting you and holding you in our arms. We will hold you closely and whisper how much we love you. We will give you the best life we know how to give you and pray that you will one day appreciate the sacrifices we will make for you. Every day we promise to be Godly parents and live in a way that will glorify Him. We pray that one day you will find a strong faith in Christ and choose a life of trusting in God completely. We will be open and honest with you and protect you from harm. One day you will leave our home to start a life of your own, and we hope that your time spent with us has been filled with many fond memories. That day will be hard for us to let you go, but as our parents did with us, you must learn to fly on your own. I pray that the morals and values we work to instill in your life will be ones that will help guide and direct you into the best possible life you can have for yourself.

I cannot tell you how proud I am of you, and yet I have still never laid eyes on you. I haven’t heard you say your first word or watch you take your first step, but I know that God has blessed us by bringing you into our lives. It is only by His grace, not our own, that we are able to call you our child, and for that we cannot be thankful enough. Whenever you have doubts or wonder how we feel about you, always know that we have and will ALWAYS love you. Thank you for allowing us to be your parents and for giving me the opportunity to hear someone call me dad. I love you and cannot wait to meet you.

Love you always and forever,


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