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Easter Decor & More

To say I love the holidays, is an understatement. From the decorations, to the fun holiday-themed activities, to the actual day of celebration, I can hardly contain the excitement! Having children brings out the inner kid in me and amplifies my excitement to an entirely new level. After all, seeing life through a child's perspective brings us back to our childhood days and somehow makes time stand still, even if just for a moment.

From the tablescapes in the kitchen to the mantle decor in our living room, I love to sprinkle a little Easter and spring cheer in each of the rooms where we spend the most time. It makes those occasional dreary April showers/rainy days much more cheery!

Let's get started with the kitchen island!

I absolutely love having a 2-tiered display tray and switching up the holiday-inspired decor each season. I just added a few Easter eggs, cute signage, Easter candle, and nest with faux robin's eggs to complete the look! If you're in the market for an adorable tiered tray, I am obsessed with this Distressed Wooden Tiered Tray that could be used with fresh fruit, delicious food or drinks for entertaining, as a coffee bar staple, or as the perfect rustic touch for every day decorative items. The options are endless!

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Don't forget to display your favorite Easter / Spring kitchen towel! This one reminds me of my two favorite little Easter bunnies! I'm a sucker for cute, cheesy, or funny tea towels, and this Easter Towel Set made me chuckle.

Nothing announces spring like a beautiful fresh spring bouquet! If you are looking for flowers on a budget, Trader Joe's is my absolute FAVORITE place for flowers! Not only do they have some gorgeous varieties and greenery, but you can't beat their price!

There's just something about decorative turquoise Robin's Eggs in a nest that is so simple yet so sweet. When we go on walks or play outside, we keep our eyes and ears out for robins as one of the first sights and sounds of spring.

Even though the Easter bunny is fun and all, and we enjoy our fair share of Easter egg hunts, keeping the main spotlight on Jesus being the reason for the season is a priority in our home, so I love this rustic sign that works for both Easter and Christmas!

Creating a holiday or season-inspired tablescape is one of my favorite things to decorate as it's an easy, fun, and cost-effective way to switch up the decor and keep things interesting.

To create a tablescape, first decide on a theme and then determine your color palette. Next you'll create your centerpiece which can either be one main focal point in the middle of the table or be continuous and flow from one end to the other.

For this Easter inspired theme, we used these versatile Pottery Barn Lanterns and filled them with colorful Easter eggs (from TJ Maxx) to keep the theme fun, relevant, and whimsical. I love using lanterns for decorating as you can fill them with so many season or holiday inspired objects and create completely different looks just by switching up what's inside!

You can use a table runner as your base and then build on top of that, or do without. We weaved a Faux Eucalyptus Garland along the table. If desired, add a few branches of other greenery to make it even fuller or add more dimension. I plan on buying another Faux Eucalyptus Garland and wrapping Christmas lights around it to hang on our mantle next Christmas! Never too early to start planning!

Incorporate different textures, colors, and patterns with your placemats, linens, chargers, and dishes to make the different elements pop and stand out from each other. We love these inexpensive White Washed Hyacinth Braided Chargers from Target. Tip: Buy 5-7 more than you need as some of the chargers don't all have the same look and color (and some are better looking than others), and this way you have your choice of the ones you want to keep! Then return the unneeded chargers. For a more natural look, these Natural Hyacinth Charger Placemats work great year round too!

Add in some greenery or incorporate the theme with the napkin rings. We just added an extra small stem of faux eucalyptus to tie it all together.

Add varying shapes and height to add interest and dimension to your table. Using different size candle holders, lanterns, and the wooden bunnies accomplishes this easily. Tie it all together with some fun spring dishes or a dish set with a pop of color!

For a slightly different look but using the same centerpiece and dishes, we changed out the napkins and napkin rings for a more playful look.

I love these whimsical bunny ear napkin rings. They are not only festive, but toddler approved too as my daughter was a huge fan. We found these Spring Jubilee Plaid Napkins at Bed Bath & Beyond and the napkin rings at HomeGoods.

I think I'll be keeping this up a little after Easter as all the fun pastel colors bring me joy!

For the living room, we kept it simple by sticking to the fireplace for our decor purposes. We kept our main decorative items up and just incorporated a few Easter bunnies, spring sign, Easter egg wreath and Easter egg garland.

These sweet and charming iridescent little bunnies were found at HomeGoods after Easter for 75% off last year, costing me a whopping total of $4 total for both bunnies!

I made this colorful wreath just by wrapping an extra egg garland around a bare white wreath and securing it with floral wire.

I just added a white trimmed burlap bow for a little extra flair. The garland for the wreath and mantle came from Michael's at 40%.

Don't forget the front door! Create or buy a colorful spring or Easter wreath or hanging decoration. We found the cute basket with eggs at HomeGoods after Easter last year for 75% off, so this cute wreath came to $4!

One of my favorite traditions is of course dying Easter eggs. To take it one step further and adding a fun twist, we started a new tradition of painting a ceramic egg each year that we keep and display in our Easter basket. Each year the kids will decorate an egg, and as they get older, the collection will grow and we'll see how their artwork changes through the years! This will be such a sweet and memorable keepsake for the years to come.

We also write on the base of the egg the artist, date, and inspiration for the egg they chose. Our daughter was just learning how to hop at 18 months so we thought the "HOP" egg was perfect for her to decorate last year. My husband and I chose the "LOVE" one to decorate together because, well you know, we love each other and all. :) This year we had our son decorate the "HAPPY" egg because he is our happy-go-lucky little guy who is full of smiles and giggles. Since he was a little young to understand the concept of painting, he did his best work with a modified finger paint approach (aka grabbing the egg with paint on his hands) which actually turned out really great! Our daughter chose the "CHIRP" egg this year as she loves animals and making all the animal noises.

Here are my little Picasso's hard at work.

You can create a similar look with these Wooden Easter Eggs and just add Rae Dunn Inspired Easter Decals to each egg and then decorate as you or your kids see fit! You can also make your own decals with the Silhouette Cameo Machine. Quick tangent, if you are the crafty type or want to try your hand at something new with unlimited project opportunities, I can't recommend the Silhouette Cameo Machine enough to you! It is one of my most FAVORITE and useful gifts my husband ever gave to me. I use it to create Mama and kids T-shirts, birthday presents, birthday party decor and signage, labeling and organizing decals, baby gifts and onesies, ornaments, room decor signs, and so much more! It paid for itself the first month I bought it just with the shear number of projects I was creating!

For another fun approach to decorating eggs, this Latvian style gives a unique natural look with grasses, leaves, or anything else you'd like imprinted on the egg. I'm part Latvian so it's been fun finding ways to pass on some cultural traditions to the littles as well. I'll be doing a tutorial on making these eggs soon! My talented Aunt Anna made the beautiful eggs in the bottom left picture.

Last but not least, add a touch of whimsy with a fun Easter bunny candy dish! Colorful pastel M&M's or Jordan almonds are always an easy crowd pleaser (as long as they last long enough for your guests to arrive, which doesn't seem to be the case in our home)!

Thanks for checking out our Easter decorating ideas! Keep checking back often for more inspiration, ideas, recipes, photography tutorials, travel, and family life!


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