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Life with Littlez IG Links

I finally bit the bullet and started a new Instagram account called LovelyLifewithLittles! It is in the VERY (I repeat, VERY) beginning stages, but I'm excited to finally have a place to share so many goodies in a more timely manner. My goal is to have LovelyLifewithLittles be like the mom friend you always wanted - someone that will pass on laughs, their own life lessons, their best products that make life and raising littles easier, baby and toddler tips & tricks, life hacks, relatable motherhood quotes, the occasional decor and home project, and so much more!

I'll keep this post current and organized with the latest products that I feature in my LovelyLifewithLittles Instagram post so keep checking back for the most up-to-date, kid-friendly, mama approved products!


MAGNETIC CALENDAR: This Magnetic Kid Calendar is perfect for the fridge and an easy fun way to teach kids about the days of the week, months of the year, seasons, weather, temperature, and emotions! Every day my toddler and I step outside to check out the weather and then update the calendar. She gets so excited to change it every morning. By 2.5 years old, she could recite the days of the week and months of the year.

ANIMAL TIMERS: Avoid power struggles and unnecessary toddler tantrums while building your child's self-confidence, autonomy, decision making skills, and responsibility by giving kids more choices and utilizing timers like this cute Frog Timer or this pack of 4 Animal Timers. Our daily conversations go something like this, "Everley, would you like to go potty in 1 minute or 2 minutes? Would you like Froggy or Piggy to tell you it's time to go potty?" This is an easy way to keep things fun and lighthearted but also move things alone in a timely manner while avoiding meltdowns. FYI, there is no screw for the battery holder on these, so make sure not to let them play with it. I do let my daughter help punch in the time, but then put it on the counter out of reach.


POPSICLE MOLDS: Make a batch of veggie and fruit-packed protein smoothies and then pour them into cute kid-friendly molds as an easy (and hidden) way to get in more veggies and fruits into your littles. If they don't cringe at the sight of veggies, have them help you make the smoothies as you teach them the benefits of creating healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle early on with healthy foods fueling their bodies and giving them the energy to grow, run, and play! Check out these fun Popsicle Mold options to find one that your child will be excited about!

THIN APPLE SLICER: When it comes to food prep and snack making, I need EASY! It doesn't get better than this 16-Slice Apple Slicer. My kids (and I) like thin sliced apples and this is worth every penny! Use it without the base if you'd likei to cut 75% of the apple, then line up the arrows on the base to cut through the bottom of the apple and easy peasy! This worked so great for making apple pie and apple crisp too as it cut the prep time in half! Bonus, it makes a great gift too for the foodies in your life!


DOOR ORGANIZING RACKS: When it comes to utilizing space, we know all the tricks here! We don't have a walk-in pantry so we found all the creative ways to add more space in tight places. These space-saving adjustable Wall and Door Organizing Racks are so handy and add extra space for all the extra kid snacks, baby food pouches, water bottles, baby bottles, and more.


SAND ART: Bring home sand from the beach and make your own colored sand with ziplock bags and food dye or buy one of these Sand Art Kits to create your own sand art creations! I remember doing this when I was little and absolutely loving it!






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