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Go-To Gift Guide

We all have been in a jam where we've needed to find that perfect gift for someone but a creative or thoughtful gift has escaped us... I've started compiling a list of some of my favorite things that I've discovered which also become my go-to gifts for the special people in my life. From hard-to-please people to the parents who have everything to our favorite little kiddos! Hope this list is helpful to you as well and at the very least, gets your creative juices flowing to land on that unique gift for the favorite people in your life! And bonus, most of these items can be found on Amazon which means quick and easy 1-2 day shipping if you have prime! Perfect for those procrastinators and last-minute gift givers racking their brain for ideas!

I'll keep adding to this list as the year goes on so keep checking back for more ideas! Maybe you'll even find something for yourself on this list!



You can't go wrong with a gift card to their favorite restaurant or a gift card for a cooking class. Sometimes easy and simple makes the best gift! Give them a reason to have a date night or spoil themselves at their favorite restaurant.

If you haven't jumped onto the Instant Pot bandwagon, it's time! I was hesitant at first, but after I read the manual, I dove right in and haven't turned back! It is so great for so many reasons! It cuts down on cooking time, reduces dishes to wash, the meat it makes is so tender, the variety of dishes you can make are endless, you can use frozen chicken straight out of the freezer, and it has inspired me to cook again, which I desperately needed! You won't regret gifting this instant pot to a loved one, and maybe if you're lucky enough, they will make you some extra tasty meals with it too!

This is one of my favorite cookbooks for the instant pot. I'm a big fan of Megan Gilmore, so was excited to see she had her very own instant pot cookbook! The directions are easy to follow, with a plethora of healthy and unique options that make cooking anything but mundane. This is a great gift for the instant pot lover or the perfect addition if you are planning on gifting an instant pot!

I have 3of these bottles - one for olive oil, one for coconut oil, and one for avocado oil, and use them on a daily basis. One of my favorite snacks: sliced sweet potatoes sprayed with coconut oil and sprinkled with sea salt... then roasted in the oven until perfection.... Perfect fix for your sweet tooth craving while keeping it healthy! The oil sprayer is great for easy and quick sheet pan dinners too (just spray olive oil on veggies and chicken, add seasonings, and plop it in the oven)! Simple idea, yet practical, and a gift that will keep on giving all year long!

For the nut lover, this is the perfect gift! Whether gifting to a host/hostess, family member, friend, or neighbor, they will enjoy this nice assortment and aesthetically pleasing array of mixed nuts.


This backpack is not only stylish but oh so practical with all the compartments for baby and mom! The design is fabulous for the busy mom who likes to stay as organized as possible. I love the grey color and bonus, it's gender neutral enough that my husband doesn't mind carrying it as well!

This diaper back is beyond cute and also functional with well-thought out compartments for baby and mom! Wear it over your shoulder, as a messenger bag, or as a backpack! It comes in a variety of patterns and colors too, but you can never go wrong with classic black and white stripes, which go with everything!

Night Away / Sleep:

When it comes to being a new mom or a mom of a toddler (or multiple kids), one thing in common with all moms is lack of sleep. I can't tell you the last time I had a full 7 hours of sleep. Give the special new mom in your life one of the best gifts ever by giving her a full nights rest. Find a luxury hotel and plan a night away for her (bonus for adding a massage into her evening away)! She'll come back and thank you and likely will be in a much more rejuvenated and restful state so a better wife and mom, so it's a win-win!


For the wife who has a life or for the busy mom with kiddos, this vacuum will be a Godsend not only to save time but to cut down on the extra chores and cleaning that inevitably build up no matter how ambitious you are to tackle that never-ending to do list. Your wife / mom will thank you!

Massage Gift Certificate:

You can never go wrong with a massage for the special lady in your life. Busy lives demand slowing down and mandatory relaxation, and what better way than to enjoy a much-needed and appreciated massage! I've polled the ladies, and they all agree!

I'm a big fan of essential oils and fell in love with the look of this one. Very simple and clean design, variety of colors, different time settings, and virtually noiseless! Throw in a few essential oils (Edens Garden oils and Serenity by Doterra on Amazon are some of my favorites), and you will have a for sure winning gift!

House Cleaning Service:

I can't think of a better or more appreciated gift for the busy wife, mom, sister, or friend than someone to come clean your home. We all have limited free time these days, and spending that minimal free time cleaning your home just isn't in the cards. Do the ladies in your life a HUGE favor and give them the gift of a clean house! They will be forever thankful!

We all like soft, cozy, warm house slippers, and these not only fit that description perfectly but come in a variety of colors and a few different styles! Check these out and your feet will thank you!



Once again, you can't go wrong with gifting an experience - just figure out what their unique interests are and go from there! Whether that's golfing at a beautiful course or a night of Top Golf, upscale dining for the foodies, fly fishing lessons, or tickets to their favorite sporting event.

This is great to have in your car as a backup for yourself or helping others. We've used this multiple times and are always so glad we have it. Once it's charged, you can get two jumps out of it as well as charge most electronic devices. It's definitely been a life saver for us on multiple occasions!

For the man who loves his grill, this set will be a great addition and a must-have! This set of 5 grilling spices turns any ordinary meal into a delicious treat packed full of flavor! Check out the link for other spice set options too!

Get the man in your life a nice travel Dopp kit so they can stay organized while traveling in style. This kit looks masculine and has a nice distressed look made from buffalo leather.


For the historian, avid reader, or lawyer, this a must have for their growing collection and one they will not likely have acquired yet since it just made its debut in fall of 2019. Learn about the trials and tribulations of Standing Bear and what all he had to overcome to achieve civil rights for Native Americans. Powerful, moving, and memorable.

Perfect for history buffs, people who love fun facts, and trivia lovers! This tear away calendar includes 365 remarkable people, extraordinary events, and fascinating facts that have shaped the world we live in.


It's safe to say we are obsessed with the Echos in our home. We currently have 4 (one for most entertaining rooms and one in my daughter's room as she LOVES music). It's such an easy way to listen to a variety of music as well as ask Alexa random questions and get information! There are a variety of options to choose from. This one is a great option as it doesn't take up much space, has a screen to show lyrics and other info, has decent sound, and is a great price!

This sleek, multi-purpose mug keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. No more reheating your coffee/tea multiple times during the morning! Not only is it visually appealing, but there's a variety of colors to choose from too!

This daily read is one of my all-time favorite books and devotionals. Each year something different stands out to me in a new way, and I learn something each day as the readings take on new meaning based on what I'm going through that year. A must-have for anyone searching for spirituality, peace, or desiring to grow their faith and relationship with Jesus. A great gift for self or anyone special in your life.


This fun poster is perfect for the globe trotter as they can track and document their travel adventures in a fun way. Just scratch off the country and flag to reveal the places they've been! A unique gift that can be displayed in their home!


DISCLAIMER: If buying a gift for a child that is younger than the recommended age, please use caution and only let the child play with the toy under supervision.

This kitchen set is by far my daughter's favorite gift and something she will play with for years. Not only is it realistic and beautiful but has some fun features as well - The ice machine makes noise, and the burners light up and make noise as well! Fun Fact: We also added Motion-Censored Puck Lights in the fridge, oven, and washer so that when the door is opened, the light turns on! (Yes, I probably get just as excited or more than my daughter does!)

This makes a great baby or toddler gift. Not only is it super cute to display in their room, but functional too as they will they learn to spell their name in a fun way!

These brought me back to my childhood days so I couldn't resist getting these for my kiddos. When you tip them over, the milk looks like it slowly disappears (click through pictures to see). Great price and endless fun for toddler and children alike! Great stocking stuffer too!

This pop up tent and tunnel system is such a fun gift for toddlers. The pic below is the girly version but they also have this more Gender-Neutral Tent/Tunnel option along with this Bright Tunnel Tent. Check out this adorable Rocket Ship Tunnel/Tent too! These are the 2.5" Balls we also purchased for the ball pit/basketball hoop part of the tent. My daughter loves it!

With an adjustable handlebar, this scooter guarantees fun for many years! What kid doesn't want a scooter with light-up wheels?! It also comes in a variety of colors. Definitely a winner in any child's eyes! Bonus, it folds up for easy storage!

Make bath time super fun and exciting with these organic fizzing bath bombs! Each bath bomb contains a hidden surprise. They contain no artificial flavors or colors and are safe and gentle for kids.

For every boy that loves trucks, construction, and making a mess, this truck will put a smile on his face! It hauls, has a working dump bed, is a great price, and is guaranteed for life! What more can you ask for?

For kids ages 1-3, this set has 13 different instruments! Great value for the price too! We use it to help with tummy time too for our baby as he loves to watch and listen to the different sounds which distracts him enough to actually enjoy tummy time!

This set is great for little hands! Perfect for learning to build towers, balance, colors, stacking, counting, and so much more! Learn through play! Combine multiple sets to make a fort!

My little girl loved this set, and it is still one of her favorite toys at 2.5 years. This set is great for kids age 1-4 years old. This interactive learning set has nine fun songs as well as a range of learning activities, such as colors, shapes, numbers and sharing.

This interactive ice cream cart is another kid favorite that lasts for many years! It encourages learning and skill building with hand eye coordination, counting, colors, following directions, sequencing, and much more! Each double-sided card gives instructions for the child to follow while learning during play! Best for ages 2-5 but my daughter received it for her 1st birthday and has played with it ever since (with adult supervision since there are small parts).

We have received one of these beautiful and personalized stools for each of my children as gifts, and I will say they are one of the best gifts to give and receive! Choose from a either pastel colors (shown below) or classic color palette (red, green, blue, yellow). My kids play and use these every day for the potty, washing their hands, and learning how to spell their name!

Baby girls and hair bows go together like peanut butter and jelly. This is a great deal with so many options (even more than what's pictured below) so baby girl can have a matching bow for every outfit! Click on the link above to see even more color and style options!

These Baby Bandanas / Drool Bibs are not only functional but oh so cute! Both of my babies practically lived in these from about 3 months until about 1 year and then we revisited them during teething stages, This neutral set is great for both genders or check out these adorable girly Baby Girl Bandana Drool Bibs or these Baby Boy Bandana Drool Bibs with the little guy in your life. Pairing them with a onesie and leggings or baby jeans makes a super cute outfit and perfect for the drooling/teething stage which helps moms to avoid soaked onesies resulting in changing clothes every few minutes! These were life savers for me! Add a cute drool bib = super cute outfit, and you're good to go!

These popsicle molds are a great gift idea for the fun-loving but health-conscious mom who wants to provide healthy options for her kiddos. Fill them with smoothies or yogurt and fruit combos for fun but healthy popsicle alternatives. Keep your eye out for other fun shapes too such as their unicorn, fish, polar, or space molds!

Thesel 3D magnetic building tiles let your child's imagination run wild. Each tile edge is magnetized so they can connect them to build anything they can imagine. These are on my friends' kids wish lists and can't wait to buy a set for my kids when they get a little older. For children ages 3 years and up.

This is one of my toddler's favorite toys. Learn various words in English and Spanish as well as fun facts and sound effects. Perfect for the car too!

For older children, this safe / bank is fun to use and keeps their valuable safe and in one place. It comes with fun sound effects, lights, and is entertaining (the safe pulls the money in when dollar bills are inserted into the slot).


This is a great gift for teens, yourself, or anyone looking to take their lettering up a few notches. This set includes 4 dual brush pens, colorless blender pen, 2 fudenosuke calligraphy pens, MONO Twin Permanent marker, MONO drawing Pencil, MONO eraser, and a pamphlet with helpful tips! Learn how to blend, flourish and embellish with this awesome set!


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