Summer Style Outfit Ideas

Summer is here and your closet has likely transformed into cute casual dressers, stylish rompers, denim shorts, and swimsuits! Button details, paperbag shorts, off-the-shoulder shirts, kimono robes, and a step back into the 90’s are where it’s at for this summer fashion. Style is arbitrary and really what you make of it after all, so find what works for you and own it! Make the most of mix-and-match pieces to create endless stylish looks! Enjoy some favorite summer trends and basics for outfit creation and inspiration that make any summer wardrobe complete and can also transition into fall!


Before we get started, a little behind-the-scenes... I was on the fence debating if I should even attempt to create a style post. As a new mom, I’ll be the first to tell you, your priorities and the way you spend your time and money changes drastically when you have a baby. In the rare occasion you go shopping, 99% of it is for the baby, and if the idea of bringing a baby or kids to the mall instantly skyrockets your anxiety level, then I can relate, and I’m here to help! After one too many attempts to shop with baby resulting in elevated stress levels from baby meltdowns and non-air conditioned dressing rooms with 0 purchases to show for the day, I threw in the towel and resorted to the internet. Enter online shopping, my new best friend.

My original plan was to photograph my stylish friends for a fun summer fashion post, but after realizing how difficult it was to coordinate schedules with others (many of whom also have kids), add in unpredictable nap schedules, spontaneous bouts of sickness, and finding babysitters, well... you get the picture. #goalfornextseason To ensure this post would make it up before summer's end, I had to bite the bullet, and embrace being comfortable in front of the camera (which can be challenging for a photographer who prefers being on the other side of the lens). Add to the fact that as a new mom, I am still learning to get used to my new post-pregnancy body, which is still far from fitting into my pre-preggo clothes. Instead of letting my insecurities hold me back though, I've decided to focus on the amazing fact that my body developed and delivered a tiny, healthy human who is the joy of my life, and that in itself is something to celebrate!

Props to my amazing husband as he did his darnedest in the scorching sun to find decent lighting and capture semi-flattering angles during baby's nap time (with monitor in his back pocket) or while wearing baby as she insisted on being part of the fun... I have to say, for having a 5-minute crash session tutorial, my hubs proved to be a natural.

I’ll also be the first to admit I normally am wearing workout clothes (because they’re comfy, not because I actually made it to the gym), but chasing babies is a workout so that counts as something right?!

No matter how much we moms prefer our athletic wear, we all need some fun outfits whether it's for a date night, girls' outing, or vacation. Below I will mix and match some of my favorite summer trends and essential pieces to create standout outfits that will help you feel anything but basic and keep you feeling fresh and fancy!

Now let's get to the good stuff before autumn leaves start falling...


Along with tie-front tops and dresses, button details are all the rage this summer - featured on skirts, shorts, shirts, and dresses. The options are endless!

This adorable pastel-striped dress makes for the perfect summer dress as it's lightweight, comfortable, and super cute! Pair it with a fun statement hat, sunglasses, and woven straw purse to add another pop of color. Add a lace kimono to dress it up a notch.

Shop this look at Altar'd State (hat, kimono, earrings, dress) and Dillard's (purse)


This amazing statement lace top is your new go-to summer find that will be a crowd winner for sure. Add the classic black kimono with black fringe earrings, and tie it all together with the Rebecca Minkoff straw envelope clutch! Throw a sunhat in the mix to switch it up even more! My new favorite summer outfit!

Shop this look at Altar'd State (shirt, skirt), H&M (black kimono), Dillard's (purse, hat, earrings, sunglasses, shoes). If the white blouse is sold out online, check in the store or this similar version at Anthropologie!

Switch it up slightly by adding a pop of color with emerald fringe earrings and this adorable Cleobella white woven basket bag to keep the focus on the shirt. Not too much, just enough... You don't need much going on when you have a top that makes this big of a statement. These TOMS wedges are so comfy I can wear them to run errands! And contributing to a good cause is yet another reason to support TOMS shoes!

Shop this look at Altar'd State (shirt, sunglasses, skirt) and Dillard's (purse, earrings, shoes)


If I could wear a hat with every outfit, I would! Not only are hats super fun and a way to add your own personal style to any outfit, but they also double as a bad hair day’s best friend!

Shop these adorable hats at Altar'd State (pink hat) and Dillard's (white and black hats)


Loose billowing blouses are paired perfectly with form-fitting shorts, skirts, and even paper-bag shorts. You really can’t go wrong with flirty off-the-shoulder tops for summer.

This adorable off-the-shoulder shirt nails the button-up trend and looks perfect with striped paper-bag linen shorts, a macrame purse, and fun summer sandals or wedges.

Shop this Look at H&M (shirt for only $14.99!) and Altar'd State (shorts, sunglasses, earrings purse, shoes)

The flowy sleeves in this bold colored and floral patterned smocked off-the-shoulder top are paired perfectly with a denim skirt to create balance. Add the macrame purse and coordinating wedges and you've got one fun summer outfit that can also transition into fall!

Shop this Look at H&M (top) and Altar'd State (skirt, purse, earrings, shoes)

If you are in the market for a pair of sunglasses that you won't regret buying, these classic foldable Ray Ban wayfarers not only look great on any face but fold into a compact style that is not only functional but helps to avoid broken sunglasses!

Find them at many Ray-Ban authorized sellers and even on Amazon!

Another floral top that is too cute for words! Pair it with a fitted denim skirt or denim shorts and wedges with blue and white hoops. The rattan woven purse with honey suede TOMS works nicely or for another option, try out this shell-lined tote with cream wedges.

Shop this Look at H&M (shirt for only $14.99), Dillard's (purses), Altar'd State (skirt, sunglasses, earrings, shoes)

If you're looking for a show-stopper luxe beach ensemble, this one is for you! The delicate dusky blue smocked off-the-shoulder blouse looks amazing paired with a classic white skirt, white floppy sunhat, neutral sandals, and accented with rose gold jewelry and shades.

Shop this Look at H&M (blouse, skirt), Dillard's (hat), Altar'd State (sunglasses, earrings, shoes)


Kimonos are still the rage and are the perfect addition to almost any outfit. Pair them with shorts, skirts, dresses, they even double as swimsuit cover-ups. This classic shift dress has a fun facelift with this beautiful white lace kimono (from Altar'd State) and layered necklaces. Add a white circular woven bag and you've got an outfit that will turn heads.

This kimono is so versatile, it literally goes with almost everything. This adorable striped linen dress is perfect for the beach or practically anywhere and looks like a match made in heaven with the kimono! Pair it with a fun statement necklace, sunhat, and neutral shoes for a simple yet put-together look.

Shop this Look at Altar'd State (dress, kimono, sunglasses), Dillard's (purse, hat), Nordstrom (wedges on sale!)

This black kimono with pom pom trim is another one of my go-to pieces. It dresses up any outfit and adds a bit of warmth for evenings or restaurants where the A/C level approaches freezer status. Pair this kimono with a basic black and white striped top, fun fringe earrings, woven purse with black stitching, and a fun sunhat to complete the look. These cat eye sunglasses are also my new favorite accessory and add a bit of glamour to any look. TOMS "Majorca Cutout" sandals or statement striped flats complete the look.

Shop this Look at H&M (shirt for only $9.99, kimono), Altar'd State (skirt), Dillard's (sunglasses, earrings, purse, hat)

Oh wait, another kimono?! Yes because they are fabulous! This floral kimono with fringe detail is the perfect balance of feminine and FUN! Add a simple turquoise necklace with a white or neutral handbag and you're ready to take on the town.

Shop this Look at Altar'd State (kimono, sunglasses), Dillard's (purse, dress), Nordstrom (wedges on sale!)


Keep the focus on this button-up trend by pairing it with a basic top and add a jean jacket for another layer. Silver hoops tie in the button and snap details. Paired with cream woven wedges (or flats) and a statement monogramed necklace, this look is simple yet understated.

Shop this Look at H&M (tank, jean jacket), Altar'd State (skirt, shoes), Dillard's (sunglasses, purse, earrings)

Keeping the top simple again with a basic black and white striped tank keeps the focus on the fun button-up details of the skirt. Add the kimono or a jean jacket for another dimension.

Shop this Look at H&M (tank, kimono, jean jacket), Altar'd State (skirt), Dillard's (sunglasses, purse, hat)

For one more outfit combo with this skirt staple, try a cream tank with lace detail, muted pink jacket, and tie it together with a statement necklace incorporating the colors.

Shop this Look at H&M (tank, jacket), Altar'd State (skirt, shoes), Loft (necklace)

Switch it up from the basic straight line edge and upgrade to scalloped edging. See this trend on skirts, shirts, and more. This denim skirt looks amazing with this fitted lace top. This is your new favorite go-to white summer top as it looks perfect with anything! Add some turquoise and a circular woven rattan bag, and you've just scored a look that screams summer with the perfect touch of country.

Shop this Look at Altar'd State (shirt, skirt), Dillard's (purse), Nordstrom (TOMS shoes on sale right now), and Amazon (sunglasses)

Another example of this extremely chic and versatile scalloped edged denim skirt! This red and white striped off-the-shoulder top looks great with it! Throw in some white or denim shorts for another outfit combination. Perfect for 4th of July or any day! Adding the white kimono and sunhat adds another layer of fun to this All-American inspired outfit.

Shop this Look at H&M (shirt for only $9.99), Altar'd Stat