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Newlywed Home Tour: Guest Bedroom

Sneak peek of our guest bedroom. I refinished the nightstands and shelf to match the headboard (check out the transformation and tutorial on the Furniture Makeovers page). After trying out about 8 different lamps and lamp shade combos, I think we finally settled on these white iridescent lamps from HomeGoods. I also painted a few of the accent pieces to coordinate and slightly modified the painting above the bed to bring in all the colors of the room.


Note: Here is a "BEFORE" of what we originally had to work with.

Quick detour on the bedroom set. Since I gave into hubby's far-fetched compromise on the sofa set (read more in our Nightstand Makeover Challenge), hubs generously budged a little on the guest bedroom set. At the time, his original bachelor pad bedroom set (complete with black lamps, black suffocating comforter, and black manly decor) was currently occupying the guest bedroom. After some debate, we decided it was time to update the guest bedroom.

Being newly married, our updates also needed to be budget-friendly. My initial thoughts were to redo (stain/repaint) his existing bedroom furniture (along with some new decor additions), but after some thoughtful discussion, we decided to take a new turn. Our new direction involved giving our best efforts to sell his bedroom set and then using that money towards the updates. I know, I'm clearly off topic. But before I wrap up this random aside... Suffice it to say, it was time for a little cliche action, "Out with the old, and in with the new" when it came to our guest bedroom...

Hubs originally took a few pictures of his set to sell in typical guy fashion (with his black comforter and pillows messily thrown together) and posted them on a few local groups, but the offers were quite low to say the least... (I wish I had saved his original listing pictures, but apparently those were quickly deleted. I think I painted the picture fairly well though.)

Taking matters into my own hands, I gave the set a 30-minute makeover by touching up some of the scratches, polishing the wood, dressing it up with a few personal touches (aka changing up the dire comforter and lamp situation into something more uplifting, making do with what we could find around the house), and taking new and improved pictures...

After the quick makeover, I posted the set on Facebook Marketplace, which immediately garnered quite a bit of interest. Much to our surprise, we actually were able to sell the bedroom set for $750 and even made a $200 profit (hubs originally paid $550). FYI: If you're looking to declutter or redecorate while making a little moolah, I'll be posting some tips and tricks for selling items to maximize profits in another post, so stay tuned!

Now that we had $750 to play with, we started the search for a new set. We shopped around a little until we found quite the little gem from a designer showcase room warehouse... a headboard complete with sideboards and two-drawer footboard, let's make a deal!

GIF compliments of

After a little negotiating, we sealed the deal for our newfound treasure, all for the price of $220. We were thrilled!


Even though we would have loved to find matching nightstands to simplify and shorten the process, this was out of the question. So our next challenge was finding coordinating nightstands. My first plan of attack was to do what any savvy shopper would do, naturally consult the local Facebook Marketplace and see what the local offerings entailed. I anticipated my treasure hunt would be much easier and quicker than actually was the case though. Turns out, most nightstands (that people were reselling) were too short to match our taller setup with the new bed. I remained positive, narrowed my search for nightstands that were around 30" tall, and worked on cultivating the virtue of patience.

After a few weeks of disciplined patience, I finally laid my eyes on these two beauties, originally from Pottery Barn and for the meager price of $55 per nightstand. What a steal! With a little help from some texturizing products and wood stains, I was able to match them fairly close to the headboard. To see the tutorial and nightstand transformation, check out my Nightstand Makeover Challenge!


Now that you probably know way more than you bargained for with the nightstands, it's time to move onto some other decor elements. Since everyone knows I can't keep an actual plant alive, I found other ways to add some greenery to create a natural and relaxing space. Because I couldn't find a terrarium I liked, I created a mini faux succulent terrarium from a variety of faux succulents and plants from Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Target. We still have a few last touches to finish, but you'll get the idea.

Like the look? Where We Found It:

Headboard/Footboard: Accent Prone

Nightstands: Originally Pottery Barn but discovered on Buy, Sell Trade

Pillows: HomeGoods

Lamps: HomeGoods

Lamp Shades: HomeGoods

Vases: HomeGoods

Frames: HomeGoods

Candles & Candleholders: HomeGoods

Canvas: HomeGoods

Drapes: Marshall's

Other Decor: Marshall's

Throw: HomeGoods

Coverlet: Tuesday Morning

2 Potted Vases: Ashley Furniture HomeStore

Succulents: Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Target

Greenery: Hobby Lobby and Ashley Furniture HomeStore

Thanks for reading my wall collage tutorial! Check out more home decor ideas and design inspiration with a room-by-room tour in the Home Makeover section, learn how to redo and repurpose furniture on the Furniture Makeover page, or check out easy home project ideas and updates on the Home Projects page!


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